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For most married couples is the the day of the wedding, one of the most beautiful and exciting days of life.
In America more than 70000 couples enter the covenant of marriage every day and give each other the words "Yes, I will."
Both the financial budget as well as the fantasies of the bride and groom couples are hardly limited.
In addition to the classic churches or Vegas weddings, there are also frequent exotic locations such as beach,
air or underwater weddings on the bride and groom's agenda.
Many people spontaneously celebrate their big day or the day is planned many months in advance to all details.
At the center of this planning are the right and appropriate selection of wedding guests, wedding dresses,
suit of the groom, flowers, rings, hairstyles, makeup, churches and catering.
Who, at the end of this solemn day, has left all his efforts and pleasures behind him, can be spoiled on a fantastic honeymoon.
The team at Big Day Pics hopes that you will find some suggestions for your wedding
on our photos and pictures and maybe even show some of your wedding pictures.

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